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BeGo Education Conference:  June 27, 2021

On the 27th of June 2021 BeGo Education, the education brand of LC Venture will be holding its annual Conference on International education. BeGo education has been running these conferences every year and this year’s conference coincides with the global Well-being Week (June 21-30). Held under the theme: International Education and Students’ Social and Emotional Development for Future Success, the hybrid event will focus on the impact of international education’s academic learning environment in fostering the social and emotional development of the learners. The event will be held at the St. Regis Hotel, located at the heart of Beijing’s diplomatic district and Jianguomenwai Street. Ideally located near Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The event is expected to attract industry-leading speakers from the UK and the US who will be joining virtually with on-site speakers and parents from China.

Our excellent line-up of speakers includes headmaster and headmistress joining virtually from top UK Boarding schools including Harrow School UK, Cheltenham Ladies College, Westonbirt School and the award-winning DLD College London and the heads of international schools including the co-founder of Western Academy Beijing Ms Sabina Brady and other education experts and practitioners including Olivia’s Place will be among our speakers at the in-person reception.

Event Description:

The highly anticipated event will be mainly attended by mainly ultra-high net worth Chinese parents whose children are studying at international schools in China or boarding school in the UK who are considering applying to British or US universities. These families have the means and ambition to enrol their children at top schools and special programmes abroad as a pathway to undergraduate studies in the UK or the US. About 100 mostly HNW and UHNW Chinese families from Beijing are expected to attend the event in person which will also be live-streamed online to over 30,000 viewers mainly from mainland China, Hong Kong and the UK.

The speaker’s line-up at the event will include heads of Independent Schools and top management in the UK and international schools in China, education suppliers and various industry leaders offering educational and lifestyle services mainly to HNW Chinese families. These speakers will also be joined by parents as part of the Panellists during the Event.

These days, parents and educators alike expect more from their children’s education. They are looking for the best approach that arguments each child’s unique potentials and skills to prepare them to become fulfilled, well-rounded adults. We think International education is best poised to accomplish this goal by providing students with an academic learning experience that sets the foundations for social and emotional development.

 The event Agenda will mainly focus on addressing:

  • International Education: The hallmark of international education is to focus on the social and emotional growth of students through instilling curiosity and creativity. How is this approach transforming students into better learners?
  • Standing out from the Crowds: With the acceptance rate to top schools and universities on an all-time low and in an ever-competitive admissions environment, having high grades and test scores is no longer enough to guarantee admission. Therefore, demonstrating solid social and emotional skills is increasingly becoming a deciding factor. What are admission officers looking for in applicants?
  • Beyond Grade Reports: Academic assessments may reflect students’ understanding of a given subject. But these assessments fail to clearly demonstrate students’ social and emotional development or the acquisition of necessary skills for adulthood. Instead, non-academic assessments can be used to assess students in these areas to help parents address students’ struggles and close possible learning gaps.

Panel Discussion:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the single most disruptive incident in recent history and has impacted the lives of millions regardless of their age, gender or economic condition. In the field of education, prevailing assumptions, such as the role of wealth and privilege in advancing learning, have been questioned. After all, these advantages did not stop the severe learning gap that resulted from the sharp decline in students’ engagement during prolonged lockdowns.  The panel will discuss topics like, what are lessons have we learned from COVID-19 and the importance of emotional wellbeing in education. The panel will also address the burning question of how wealth and the resulting privileges affect learning and the families’ dilemma on how to strategically allocate their resources to guarantee meaningful learning for their child.

  **This is a working agenda, content and speakers will be updated on a timely basis.

Previous Events:

In the past, LC Venture has regularly organised or co-organised, either directly or through its education brand, BeGo Education, events like this one and has partnered with local or international firms such as Nord Anglia Education Group, Harrow School (UK), Russell Group of Universities including London School of Economics, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, Rolls Royce, Formula 1, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG), Emirates Airline, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), HSBC, Grant Property, Polo 1003 Club, Jingdu Golf Club, The British House, several embassies and consulates based in Beijing, and top international schools in mainland China, among others.

You can view previous events here: https://lcventure.com/news-events

About the Organiser:

BeGo Education is the education brand of LC Venture, the UK registered holding firm. It is a Supporting Associate of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and one of the only 16 education firms to be accredited by the Boarding School Associations (BSA) in mainland China and Hong Kong. Both institutions are the gold standard of British international schools and UK boarding schools respectively.

Our workshops and activities are aimed at helping participants to understand the ever-evolving world of international education and providing value-added services to our partners and their clients. Find out more about LC Venture here: www.lcventure.com

JOIN the conference TODAY! BeGo Education invites you to mark your calendar and join in this important Conference there are various sponsorship opportunities. The event has garnered the interest of several speakers from top independent schools in the UK and China and various organisations. To find out more about the event please contact:

Mr. Michael A. Mehari
Event Organiser (English Speaking)
Tel: +86 13167529600

Ms. HuiYeeng Ngion
Event Organiser (Chinese speaking)
Tel: +86 13601213052

Ms. Anja Qin

Sponsorship & Speaking Opportunities


Tel: +86 19910601706

BeGo past Events: https://lcventure.com/news-events/

UPCOMING EVENTS: JUNE 27BeGO Education Conference 2021:  The Great Hall Ballroom: St. Regis Beijing Hotel. Register TODAY! 

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