Investment advisory and consultancy

Investment advisory and Business consultancy

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Market Intelligence and Analysis

Giving you unique perspective

At LC Venture, we offer a unique boutique services tailored to your special needs and circumstances. We help identify the best time to enter, stay and exit the right market for your products or services.

Our entry and exit strategies and everything in between will help you make wise investment decisions, generating maximum revenue for your investments and avoid losses. We believe in the endless possibilities and in finding the best one that suits your needs.

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Business consultancy and incorporation

The advice only YOU need.

We have helped our clients register their companies or any other form of commercial presence in China. Boasting an exceptional and comprehensive consultancy services from assistance with your documentations, virtual business address, work permits and visas, hiring and recruitment of staff, regulation compliances and bank accounts, most of which can be done before you even actually touch-down in China.

Delivering on a tight schedule, you could rely on us completely to have your company up and running in no time.

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Access to A-list investors and investment funding

Financing your dreams

Looking for funding your start-up or taking your business to the next level? Our host of A-list investors which includes banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms and angel investors are keen on investing in projects that are unique, innovative and unconventional, with a high ROI potential.

Get funded on all types and sizes of projects, from small, medium to mega size projects.

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Business promotion and diversification

Opening New Frontier

Most businesses need a good product or service, top talent or cutting-edge technology. But, businesses also need a face! Through carefully crafted promotion and public relations, we employ special management counselling tools developed to help your business appeal to a wider audience, thereby capturing greater market share.

Support services include devising public opinion impact with access to Key Opinion Leader (KOL), support with corporate decisions and providing insight on how to best sources, hire and retain new personnel and resources and to bring the needed change to your business activities in the ever-changing business cultures.

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Asset Management

Preserving Your Legacy

Through our nuanced understanding of wealth, we provide superior level of one-to-one care and support. Understanding of your sophisticated needs, we create a tailor-made growth plan based on our years of experience serving HNW individuals and families. 

Our comprehensive approach ensures we view your finances, from multigenerational wealth transfer to liquidity events, with exclusive and sometimes unconventional opportunities for growth and charitable giving towards worthy causes. 

We will provide you financial advise with timely guidance for your evolving demands from specialists who can help you navigate you major wealth milestones.

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IN FOCUS: Expert advice on the Chinese Education Sector

Your Education Butler

In 2014, LC Venture acquired BeGo Education (“Be empowered: Go beyond”), an education brand that operates a bespoke education consultancy and placement service to a select list of Chinese families from across 15 provinces in China. 

To date, we have assisted students to enrol into top-tier international schools across China, working exclusively with leading universities in the UK and the US that include Oxbridge, Russell Group, Ivy League and leading boarding and private schools in the UK and the US. 

The Private Family Education Office (PFEO) 
The Private Family Education Office is our flagship service inspired by the concept of the Family Offices. The Private Family Education Office, PFEO adopts the notion into the field of education to provide unique long-term and comprehensive education services tailored to each of our client families.

Our senior academic consultants and support are here to guide you in your school admission journey to best attend to each of your children’s needs so that they can realise their full academic potential.  
BeGo Education is a proud member of the Boarding School Association, BSA (one of the only 18 agencies from mainland China and Hong Kong) and the Council of British International Schools, COBIS. BeGo Education also collaborates with major education service providers including the British council, Edexcel, Cambridge English, Study Group, INTO and maintains dozens of B2B partnerships with major education services providers including private and boarding schools, language training centres, consultancies, professional assessment providers, tutoring and guardianship agencies, tour and relocation services and many many others.

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