LC Venture - Strategic Investment Advisory Services

LC Venture - Strategic Investment Advisory Services

LC Venture is a UK-based and venture-backed consultancy and advisory firm that provides business solutions to diverse clients including SMEs, multi-national companies and governments. LC Venture is especially experienced in cross-border investment advisory and the financial industry and maintains a portfolio of investments in the automotive industry, manufacturing and recently, in the wellness, lifestyle and grooming industry.

Our services include: 

  • Top-notch business advisory and investment consultancy
  • Market intelligence and market opportunity assessment
  • Localization and/or globalisation; 
  • Investment consultancy on cross-border investments, corporate incorporation and structuring, 
  • Premium and bespoke education, immigration and real estate services

IN 2015, LC Venture ventured into education services through the acquisition of BeGo Edcuation, a bespoke education consultancy to High Net Worth (HNW) Chinese families, focusing on boarding schools and universities application in the UK and international schools’ applications in China.




Gaston Chee

(CEO & Co-Founder)

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LC Venture works with businesses, companies, government agencies, global agencies and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network. LC Venture brings together a wide array of businesses and partners partners and supporters with aligned goals to create change for young entrepreneurs at speed and at scale. We do this by drawing on the unique ability of the network to learn, innovate and share the diverse expertise and knowledge that make our members effective individually and powerful collectively.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

LC Venture has always adhered to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. As part of our commitment to give back and inclusive growth, we have committed money and man power to our social responsibility efforts.

The capabilities and expertise of our people and associates are our greatest resource, and we commit ourselves and our colleagues to give back to communities through individual efforts and community-based engagements.

To date, LC Venture has donated capital and resources to first responders, committed over hundreds of hours staff voluntary time and have advocated on issues that matter.

We also partner with nonprofits and other organizations that are addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges including poverty, illiteracy and the COVID pandemic. We believe on reducing our carbon print, responsible use of resources and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To find out more about our activities and our efforts, you can also reach us at:

Michael Mehari

Michael heads the Communications and external relations operation at LC Venture. A lawyer by profession, he looks after the company’s business development and partnerships and advices clients on operations and legal.

Michael graduated from the School of Law, at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) with International Law (Dist). Before joining LC Venture in the summer of 2018, Michael had held several positions as a legal advisor, lecturer and research support at a law School and an educator.

Michael is primarily responsible to support clients with research and due diligence, and advices the company on legal matters and also heads up the legal unit which is mainly responsible for negotiating and drafting contracts and legal memos. Michael also supports LC Venture and its educational brand, BeGo Education in sourcing partnerships and associates to support operation in China and the UK.

Michael is a veracious reader and enjoys pubic speaking.

Jimmy Baele

Jimmy Baele is an educator with almost 30 years of teaching experience in the UK. He is the external associate at LC Venture and looks after the company’s business development in the UK and also supports BeGo Education with UK boarding school search and placement services.

Jimmy Baele is the also the Operations Lead at Constellation Group, a UK-based education consultancy and school placement firm in Bristol. Jimmy is also the founder of The English Education, the school search and placement consultancy that is now under the umbrella of Constellation Group.

Jimmy Baele is an external support team and represents BeGo Education to our UK based clients. Jimmy Baele is also a consultant and an expert an investor at the Academic Profiling Test (APT), a comprehensive aptitude assessment for 6 – 16-year olds using an AI-powered platform that compares performance against UK national standards.

The APT can be used to identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as familiarization for other reasoning-type tests such as UK-iset, ISEB Pretest or 11+ entrance exams. APT is quickly becoming the favorite among UK-boarding schools.

Having worked in independent education for twenty years, his most recent experience has been in a commercial role, leading an education and training company with a global outreach.

David Mumford

David is a senior associate and an experienced educator from the UK with over 30 years of international school teaching experience.

He served as the Headteacher at Dulwich College Beijing for many years. Prior to his role at Dulwich, he was the have worked in Early Years schools for many years, in bilingual learning environments for some of the most prestigious International Schools in Europe, Malaysia.

Expertise: Dual language Learning, professional development for Expatriate and Local Early Years teachers, and developing learning environments for young learners. David is also a Qualified ISI inspector and CIS accreditor.