Jenifer Leong is the co-founder at LC Venture and a senior partner at BeGo Education.

She is a serial entrepreneur with various business enterprises to her name, including E-resistible and Graduation and Beyond. She is an educator at heart and has over 15 years of experience of supporting the development and growth of young and adult clients academically and professionally.

Jennifer graduated with BSc. (Hons.) Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick. In 2009, with the co-founder and current business partner Gaston Chee and together they set up BeGo, a social enterprise that focuses supporting Asian students coming to the UK to study. Jennifer played a key role in establish the business in the UK,  and with a strong funding and investment, BeGo eventually expanded to Asia and opened its first head office in Beijing, China in 2012. 

In 2015, following the restructuring of the business and the co-founding of LC Venture, Jeniffer started to head BeGo Education operations and built it into a multi-million RMB business in 3 years. 

Jennifer has a high reputation among high-net-worth families in China. She is committed to providing exceptional professional education consulting and family empowerment service, helping families and their children develop an accurate education direction and planning, effective academic and skills training and a holistic growth of a child. 

Jennifer also is a certified Etiquette consultant and holds a certificate from the International Etiquette and Protocol Diploma course in Institute Villa Pierrefeu, one of Europe’s leading and oldest traditional finishing school. With over 15 years of experience in the UK, Europe and China, Jennifer uses her rich experience and training to help her clients and her students develop into highly successful and confident adults. Currently based in Malaysia, She and her team continue to assist hundreds of families and have successfully overseen the transition of dozens of children to international education pathways in international schools in Beijing or top boarding schools and universities in the UK. 

 Jennifer is an avid cross-country cyclist and enjoys the outdoors.