YOLO studio:
Wellness and lifestyle

YOLO STUDIO is LC Venture’s expansion to the new and upcoming frontier – wellness and fashion

This project is also part of LC Venture’s business plan to partner with aspiring young entrepreneurs in China and help them break into newer grounds.

YOLO STUDIO is a one-stop high-end makeup, styling, overall image design brand – with Japanese, European and American fashion style as the main trend hairstyle, styling design salon, bringing together a number of young, fashionable A-list star designers, is the gathering place of many stars, fashion trendsetters, models, internet celebrities.

The brand concept of YOLO STUDIO is that “You only live once ” Advocate contemporary people should live in the moment, enjoy life, wantonly wonderful.
“YOLO” originated in the United States, in Europe and America, Yolo family, they printed on the hat, T-shirt and other products, to show their attitude to life. American actor Zac Efron has also used YOLO to express his life philosophy.

Located in the luxury mall U-town mall  at the heart of the Beijing city, YOLO STODIO is the place to be for your styling needs – for every season, for every occasions and all the every time!

The brand concept of YOLO STUDIO is that “You only live once”! and it supports people to live in the moment and get the maximum experience!


Chief Experience Officer

Meet the founder:

Zhu Youcheng

The founder of YOLO Studio, Zhu Yucheng,
is a practitioner of the concept of "You only live once"
and hopes to pass this positive attitude to everyone.