Sport and Education: The winning combination

This is the second part of a two-part series article exploring the role of education in children’s academic and personal development.  

There is a unique pull of most international schools in China that provide a K-12 education that has got every parent cueing at reputable schools. One of these is the holistic education – the teaching of the total person – that most of these schools specialise.


Besides the emphasis in English language and leading curriculums, these school employ extra-curricular activities like sport as their unique selling point. International schools are popular for building cutting-edge sports facilities and running various sporting activities at school.

International schools are notable for their sporting activities

However, success at sporting activities is not automatic.  Parents often complain these programs are not properly run, and there is little incentive for students to engage in sporting activities.


Most schools in China try to get the support of Associations such Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), to run a total program of education and organises inter- school sport competitions. But these are mostly limited to basketball, volley ball and soccer and families who want their children to excel in wider and different sporting activities will have to look for providers elsewhere. 


BeGo Education, the education brand of LC Venture, has been supporting families who are looking for differentiated services in education and in high-end sports for years. Through its Private Family Education Office (PFEO), service, BeGo Education offers boutique services tailored to High Net Worth (HNW) clients, prioritising the holistic development of each student academically and personally. This highly customised approach takes into account each student’s unique preferences, interests, and choices, ensuring a personalised experience.


These services are thoughtfully designed to align with school terms, complementing the formal education received in traditional settings. Through careful assessment of each student’s preferred sport, BeGo Education pairs each child with private coaches, distinguished retired athletes, and professional trainers to guarantee top-tier coaching.

BeGo Education students matched with professional players and coaches
Award winning coach AJ Roberts with BeGo Education student in London School of Basketball (LSB)

These sessions give students unparalleled access to the exclusive world of their chosen sport, immersing them in its lingo and rich tradition. Each session focuses on character development, teamwork, and discipline and students also get the added benefit of developing their language and social skills, while honing the technical skills at their sport. 


Recently, a 14 -year-old boy from Beijing was matched with a professional basketballer from the US-based in London for private coaching. Training alongside peer basketballers from junior leagues, he is attending the London School of Basketball with links and mentorship commitments from top NBA stars including Michael Jordan and Lebron James.  


Parents who sign-up their children for BeGo Education’s Private Family Education Office, (PFEO) also understand the wider benefits of such services. Families would gain easy access to an exclusive network of professionals and investors, and take advantage of sponsorship opportunities and industry connections. This opens doors to exciting opportunities for community building and networking, fostering valuable business relationships for them and their businesses as well. LC Venture’s investment and advisory services also provide support in this regard.

But such a level of attention and differentiations and support would be impossible to replicate within the confines of a traditional school setting. Therefore, BeGo Education services fill the gap and empower and motivate these students to excel in school sports, delivering substantial value to them, including during college applications.


 “If you want to be a CEO later, play sports now”

BeGo Education, therefore, serves as an excellent choice for families looking to support their child’s journey and who are prepared to consider sport to prepare them for their future school or college applications, on top of their academic performance. However, the benefits of playing sports also extends beyond college application. There is also a direct correlation between sporting activities and success at a later stage.


Up to 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs have played college sports and they believe sporting involvement has contributed to their career success. In an article titled:  If you want to be a CEO later, play sports now, CNBC says top executives of companies like Facebook, Hewlett and Packard (HP) and PepsiCo have all played sports during high school or college years. Besides, Forbes published a study where a whopping 96% of women holding a C-suite position played sports.


Through the Private Family Education Office, BeGo Education is also opening its students access to a network of high achievers, providing valuable mentoring support. Through leadership talks and one-to-one coaching, these network share their sporting journeys and show from their rich career experiences how their sporting and professional worlds overlapped.

Grace Ngau is one of the mentors at BeGo Education. She joined BeGo as a senior partner and she is also the co-founder of several companies including ONCE, a positive living lifestyle brand. She has extensive experience in working with some of the leading brands in China including Volkswagen Tesla, Dyson, Chanel Beauty. She also worked on media production that featured in the like of Cannes, Rotterdam, and Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. 


Grace supports BeGo Education students in academic skills, self-awareness and exercise and fitness. “Growing up, sports were a crucial part of my upbringing and it made me very competitive – personally and as a student.” She says.


“I was ice skating when I was 5 and received a National level 2 athlete title. I also started playing tennis when I was 6 years old. When I joined high school at the International School of Beijing (ISB), I made it to the varsity tennis and softball team.” She says. “ISB was an excellent opportunity for me to develop my game and to compete internationally for my high school.” 

Grace Ngau: ISB Varsity Girls Softball 2009
Grace Ngau with Varsity Girls Softball Team (3rd from right, kneeling)

When it was time to apply for college, Grace believes that her application got a boost from her sporting profile. “When I was applying to universities, I showcased my sporting profile in my applications.” she said. Grace eventually accepted a place at Boston University.


Grace says her sporting years offered her support during her undergrad years as well. “Participating in sports has made me develop sooner strong person. I was able to make friends easily and it reflected in my results. My resilience, positive attitude and mentality, and problem-solving skills all came from doing sports since I was little. That gave me the confidence and the winning mentality.” 


Today, Grace plays tennis at least twice in a week and collaborates with brands like Nike and Wilson. 

Grace Ngau regularly plays tennis
Grace Ngau at a tennis match in Beijing

Grace’s story also echoes the experience of every team member at BeGo Education.


Crediting his father for his running habits, Gaston Chee says he always travels with his running shoes and says it has cultivated in him the discipline and mental strength to keep pushing, despite the pressures of running a business. “My days usually begin at 4:30 am and I run an average of 5km daily, and the discipline and mental strength from this routine makes all the difference during the day on my performance,” he said.  


Over the years, Gaston says this has rubbed off on the employees. “Running is not a KPI at LC Venture yet,” he says, but he admits the level of sporting activities of the team is impressive.

BeGo Education’s Senior Marketing Executive Melinda Yang also shares her own similar story. “As a busy mother of two and leading the client engagement at BeGo Education, scheduling gym sessions is challenging for me,” She says. That is when she turned to running. “I have always participated in sports and now exercising helps me to stay on top of things and maintain my health and well-being. It has become an integral part of my daily life.

Beyond personal benefits and stress management, Melinda says that running has become a family affair as well. “I take pride in setting a good example for my children by passing on these healthy habits.”

Similarly, Michael Mehari, the Head of Communication and External Relations at LC Venture, Michael Mehari also shares his colleagues’ drive. “Working out at the gym gives me that special quiet time where I get to connect with myself,” He says. Nowadays, with the warmer weather, Michael goes for a run and stretch at a local park after work. “The number of people working out in the park can be very motivating. Seeing the young and old exercising shows us that there is no excuse not to exercise,” he says.



As more and more schools and universities continue to focus and expand their sporting activities, inspiring students and families are increasingly aiming for a lofty targets for their children—not only in competitive athletic games but also in careers and beyond.


Kick-off your child’s journey in sports with BeGo Education’s BeGo Education Private Family Education Office and give your children the training and tools they need to have a ahead start.


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