LC Venture opens its premium online English lessons free of charge for students from Wuhan

As the fight to contain the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID -19) epidemic which has so far infected more than 70,000 people with over 2000 fatalities continue, the government has banned all forms of public gatherings including schools to contain the spread of the virus. With school opening date yet to be firmly determined learning has switched to online. The majority of international schools in China have already launched their online classes since Feb. 4. BeGo Education, an education brand wholly owned by LC Venture, has also been running its premium online English classes to all its students. 

The Ministry of Education of China launched a national internet cloud classroom on February 17, which is designed to cater to 50 million elementary and middle school students. With lessons covering 12 academic subjects, the online classes are given in response to avoid students from lagging behind in the classes. 

In the latest move, LC Venture has also decided to offer its premium online English classes to students from the worst-hit Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak. Due to the efforts of the Company and its Education brand, BeGo Education, students from Wuhan will now able to study in a premium online English lessons with qualified and experienced teachers from the UK and other destinations via BeGo’s exclusive bespoke online learning platform. 

The company has been busy to respond to the national health emergency by setting up a Relief Team which has so far has sent over 130,000 surgical masks to Wuhan. The team is also currently working with several organisations to source highly demanded medical supplies to areas experiencing acute shortages. To follow the activities of the relief team and to support the company’s efforts, you can forward your inquiries to: 

The city of Wuhan

The city of Wuhan has been under total lockdown since January 23 following the outbreak. Local government measures to contain the spread of infection meant that its inhabitants’ movements were severely restricted. While these measures are justified due to the gravity of the situation, it also meant that the daily lives the 11 million inhabitants of the city would be extremely difficult. The company’s decision to open its premium online English lessons free of charge to students from Wuhan, therefore, came after an international discussion to alleviate the dire situation of the thousand’s families in Wuhan. The company believes it has a social responsibility to join the government, the public and local businesses in solidarity to shoulder the burden on the people who are affected by the outbreak. This is also shared by the ethos of its education brand and the company also hopes the free online classes will create a good opportunity for students from Wuhan to take advantage of the extra English lessons.

To ensure the smooth running of the learning, LC Venture has set a special fund to cover running costs of the free English lessons while BeGo Education has committed its resources and personnel and has stationed all its staff on a full-time basis to oversee the learning process. BeGo’s Education Department has also engaged all its teachers to ensure there is enough flexibility and variety in the age groups and lesson contents offered.  

Classes will be offered to student groups arranged according to their grades which include Grades 3-6, Grade 7-8 and Grades 9-10. Classes will have special content tailored to fit to each study grade group. Students from Wuhan will now be able to join the online classes free of charge by signing up through an online portal. To ensure that the beneficiaries of the free classes are only students from Wuhan, all registering students will be asked to be registered through either of their parents or guardians who hold a Wuhan registration ID. If you are a student from Wuhan, click the link here and you will be directed to the online registration portal. 

The nation faces an enormous challenge from the epidemic. By the focusing on the children from Wuhan which is the epicentre of the outbreak, LC Venture sees this as an opportunity to stand with the Chinese people and especially to support few of the many thousands of families from Wuhan which are the most affected by the situation.

To find more details of the free English online lessons or to support the company’s efforts or to volunteer to teach students from Wuhan online, please send your inquiries to: