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The Global Talent Internship Programme is a professional career development project run by LC Venture, its subsidiaries or partners. It is a carefully monitored, learning experience for candidates looking to start their career and professional journey in an engaging, dynamic and multi-cultural work environment.

Hiring now! Communications Assistant Intern

Who is the internship for? 

We believe developing an internship programme is an excellent strategy to discover and develop future leaders and colleagues. The internship programme aims to achieve its objectives by providing candidates with quality working experience across its businesses and partners. Global Talent Internship Programme endeavours to balance the intern’s learning or professional goals and LC Venture’s organizational needs. The internship programme will typically last between three to six months. During this time, Interns may opt for part-time or full-time arrangements, although the latter is preferred.

Discovering and Developing future talents

Through Global Talent Internship Programme, LC Venture anchor’s its mission by the acronym: Triple “AAA.” which stands for: Aspire, Act and Achieve.
Aspire: Providing career aspirations for young and upcoming candidates and for those who wish to make career changes.
Act: Challenging interns for real action by creating an opportunity to showcase their theoretical grasp and readiness for a real-world work environment.
Achieve: Developing interns professionally and turning their internship experience into a full-time position offers across LC Venture operations or its partner firms.

How can you join the Global Talent Internship Programme?

All internship openings are posted at the LC Venture internship page. We encourage interested applicants to complete the online form and include a valid email. Selected Applicants will be asked to send their cover letters and resumes before they can be invited for an interview. When a sufficient number of qualified applications are received intern postings are closed, until the next cycle of application begin. Internship opportunities include:
  • Full time/Part-time or Online Interns: Candidates can apply to join the internship programme through the email
  • Summer intern: The Internship Programme also provides summer internships for candidates from across the globe to spend their summer in China. (Currently limited due to COVD-19 international travel restrictions.)
  • Volunteering: Global Talent Internship Programme also provides short term volunteering opportunities without pay or credit to support a cause championed by LC Venture.

Hiring now! Communications Assistant Intern


Submit your application online at: 

Or, you can send an email to:

You can also visit us at our offices as: Room 603A, Bld. A, Chaowai MEN 26  Chaoyangmenwai Street,  Beijing, China Testimonial 

“The internship was a gateway for me to visit China. During the two-month summer internship at LC Venture, I had an exceptional time with the team at LC Venture.” 
Alexandra, (Currently based in Paris, France).
“ The Global Talent Internship Programme at LC Venture was a very crucial learning curve for me. At the end of a three-month internship, I was offered a full-time position with the company.”
Michael A. Mehari (Head of Communications at LC Venture)
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