LC Venture joins the fight against the latest coronavirus epidemic in China

Feb. 6, Beijing China. LC Venture steps-up its relief efforts as it joins the fight against the latest outbreak of 2019 Novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) epidemic.

Since the outbreak, China has intensified its efforts to contain the spread of the virus and hospitals and health institutions at the frontlines of the outbreak are working around the clock. With the latest number of infections closing to 30,000 and over 500 deaths reported, the work is mounting with unprecedented proportions with protective medical supplies running alarmingly low at many hospitals and clinics.

In response to the medical emergency, there has been global mobilisation from governments, relief organisations, corporations and private enterprises to collect and send donations to the epicenter of the breakout Wuhan and other centres in China. The largest global producers of medical gloves, Malaysian surgical glove producers have recently pledged to donate 18 million pieces of medical gloves to China. There has also been a rapid response from foreign enterprises operating in China with donations in excess of a billion RMB so far.

LC Venture has also been actively sourcing its network base for donations and has formed a Corona Relief Team within its staff who are all working around the clock to coordinate the collection donations of surgical masks, medical gloves, protective suits and others vitals from donors. The international and bilingual team is also playing a crucial role in easing communication with donors. As of today, the team has sourced 120,000 masks. These supplies were collected from Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea and other destinations.

Portions of surgical masks supplied by LC Venture. Surgical masks have been running very low across medical centers in China.

With contacts in almost all the major hit locations, the relief team is in direct communication with local government units to ensure there is a proper channel for the donations. LC Venture is also working with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), SME Department in Beijing to send 10,000 masks to MIIT SME Wuhan who requested for supply of masks. The masks are en-route to Wuhan among other supplies.

Recently, the Equipment Division of Wuhan No.5 Hospital, one of the first fever quarantined hospitals requisitioned by Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, has issued a letter to LC Venture explaining their dire situation and appreciating donations. The company has identified this as a top priority and has set a target of 100,000 units of masks, surgical gloves and protective medical suits to be delivered to the Hospital in the coming few days. So far, more than 60% of the supplies have been either collected or pledged.

The Equipment Division of Wuhan No.5 Hospital had written requesting help for medical masks and protective suits.

If your company in China wants to join in the relief efforts to address the shortages of medical supplies, we appreciate your help. For companies based in the U.K. who wish to offer their support, we are in close communication with the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK) to ensure that donations are collected and sent via their channels to the worst-hit locations. The Chamber has also launched a Fund for donations for the purchase and delivery of medical supplies to Wuhan.

LC Venture is also working with major global express delivery outlets to coordinate the collection and delivery of donated medical supplies from destinations outside of China. 

The company pledges that all supplies delivered will be managed in a legal and compliant manner. If you wish to donate or join the LC Venture relief efforts, further details are available by contacting: