LC Venture and BeGo CEOs attend the commemoration of 45 years of Malaysia-China Diplomatic relations in Beijing

LC Venture and BeGo CEOs attend the celebrations commemorating 45 years Malaysia-China Diplomatic relations. The event, which was held on the 14th of December in Beijing, was attended by senior members of the CPC, the Executive Director of the ASEAN-China Business Council Mr. Xu Ningning, chairman of MayCham, China Mr. Will Fung, the diplomatic staff of the Malaysian delegation to PRC, and the Malaysian diaspora in China.  

Speaking at the event, Malaysian Ambassador to the PRC, H.E Dato’ Raja Nushirwan said Malaysia’s diplomatic relations with China is unique as the two countries share extensive historic and social relations. He shared how the mission is working tirelessly on diverse areas of cooperation with China but also emphasised the importance of strengthening the people-to-people interaction between these two countries which is the solid foundation of the diplomatic relations. “Although diplomatic relations were established 45 years ago, our relations go back thousands of years,” the Ambassador said, highlighting the long-standing exchange of culture and trade between the peoples of China and Malaysia. He also pointed out China’s rise in the region is inevitable and should be seen positively in the region and the world. He concluded by stating his confidence that relations between the two countries will continue to increase in the future and confirmed Malaysia’s commitment to a mature and responsible relation with China and the nations of greater Asia.

The Ambassador thanked the ASEAN-China Business Council, the Malaysian Chamber in Beijing (MayCham), the sponsors of the event, the Malaysian diaspora and everyone for their attendance and well wishes. (The full speech of H.E Dato’ Raja Nushirwan, the Malaysian Ambassador to China can be found here)

Gaston Chee met and spoke with the Ambassador at the event and praised the work and leadership of the ambassador since his recent appointment. He also shared how LC Venture had always supported Malaysia’s initiatives in China and affirmed the company’s readiness to work with the new diplomatic mission to ensure the success of its projects and wished the Ambassador and his diplomatic mission success during their appointment in China. 

LC Venture is involved in several projects in Malaysia and offers regular consultation work to businesses and organisations from China, the UK and other regions on doing business in Malaysia.

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