IN FOCUS | Gaston Chee to Speak at The Finance China 2020 Conference in Shenzhen

Gaston Chee (CEO, LC Venture) will be speaking at the Finance China 2020 Conference taking place at the St. Regis in Shenzhen, China on Aug. 28. 

China Finance Conferences and The Asian Banker  

The event is organised as part of an Annual Country-Level Finance Conferences organised by The Asian banker, a leading strategic intelligence and platform provider on the financial services industry. Established in 1996, The Asian Bank operates on editorial, research, forum and Academic verticals delivered through platforms including video, audio, teleconference sessions, training, site visits, global awards and inhouse management and board level programmes.

The theme, Speakers Line-up and Sponsors

The theme for this year’s China Finance Conference is: A new decade of Reforms, Challenges and Opportunities.

Last year, the event brought an exceptional list of speakers and Guy Verhofstadt, former prime minister of Belgium, was the keynote speaker. This year’s China Finance Conference will feature six panels which will bring together over a dozen speakers from leading Local Public Financial Regulatory agencies, International organisations, top mainland China Banks and FIs, Academia, and private operators in the Fintech and financial sectors. Some of the attendees included representatives from China Construction Bank (CCB), China Minsheng Bank, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and many others. Minsheng Bank and Suoxinda Holdings are the proud sponsors of this year’s Conference.  

The Agenda

Panellists’ will discuss on a wide variety of topics from recovery from COVID-19 and the global economic outlook, easing financing difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and rebuilding global confidence through cooperation and collaboration. Also in the agenda will be comprehensively deepening reform of the financial sector for an open global economy, the next wave of opportunities unlocked by technology innovation and further opening up of financial sector and global supply chain. 

Gaston will be joining the Panel on Rebuilding global confidence through cooperation and collaboration with emphasis how the session will discuss the opportunities which China can leverage on and lead to rebuilding global confidence in the times of uncertainty. He will be joined by Cao Heping, a distinguished professor from the School of Economics at Peking University and Hu Bofei, Deputy General Manager, International Business Department from the China Construction Bank (CCB).


Spaces are limited but interested applicants can email us at or register for the event at: