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LC Venture has recently partnered with BeHive, a skills-sharing community based in Beijing and Shanghai and the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition. HICOOL is supported by the Beijing government and aims to attract high-quality start-ups from all over the world and support entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses in Beijing.
LC Venture began as London-based start-up that expanded to China in 2012 through VC investments. BeHive also branched out of Nicosia (Cyprus), co-founded by two UK alumni to set-up their operations in China. Currently, it supports university students and young professionals with the network, tools, and knowledge to succeed in their personal and professional lives.
In the last decades, LC Venture has become a leading investment and advisory firm, providing a high-level advisory and investment consultancy to businesses globally and the Chinese government and other governments. In 2014, LC Venture made full acquisition of BeGo, an education brand that service HNW Chinese families with their children education. LC venture also maintains an investment portfolio that includes auto parts manufacturing, ion batteries and YOLO, a high-end grooming and lifestyle company with locations at Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) and other central locations across Beijing city.
Find out more about LC Venture here: www.lcventure.com

Beijing – East Asia’s No.1 startup hub

Beijing ranks first in China and the whole of East Asia as start-up ecosystem and ranks 4th globally, after Silicon Valley, New York and London. In 2021, Venture-capital investors put $129 billion into more than 5,300 startups in China, a record high from previous years. Both LC Venture and BeHive have also been engaging with entrepreneurs and start-ups in and outside of China, supporting them with online and offline training, and providing incubation opportunities and platforms for funding and publicity in China.

HICOOL Start-up ecosystem

The HICOOL start-up ecosystem in Beijing provides start-up services, holds business classes and organises annual competitions and summits to identify and support high-calibre start-ups to scale and grow.
HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition awards ceremony Beijing 2021

HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition awards ceremony Beijing 2021

To-date, HICOOL Beijing has served over 7,000 participants from over 80 countries and regions. Nearly 250 of these award-winning startups have raised a combined funding of over 8 Billion. This year, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Beijing invites start-ups from across the world and offers 140 winning prizes and a grand total of 100 Million RMB in awards.

Cash Awards:

 7 x First Prize: 300,000 USD [2 Million RMB]
21 x Second Prize: 150,000 USD [1 Million RMB]
42 x Third Prize: 75,000 USD [500,000 RMB]
70 x Additional Winning Prize: 30,000 USD [200,000 RMB]
Participants can apply both as an individual or as a team. Startup may have been already registered in Beijing or looking to start a business in Beijing with specific landing plans. All participants are required to have a business plan.

The 7 areas of competition are: 

    1. AI/VI/Fintech
    2. Medicine and Healthcare:
    3. New Generation of Information Technology:
    4. High-end Equipment:
    5. New Energy/New Materials/Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection:
    6. AgriTech/FoodTech:
    7. Cultural Creativity
Winners will also get incubation opportunities and support on how to settle and grow in Beijing. Competition participants can also enjoy other exclusive services, such as bonuses, exhibition, investment, matchmaking, company registration and publicity.
Application deadline is 30th April, 2022. Preliminary screening will start in May and final prizes will be announced in August/September. Applicants should apply before the deadline.

Applicants will get: 

    • The opportunity to receive tailored advice on how to optimise and present their business plans.  
    •  Expert advice on how to set-up operations in China. 
    • Applicant will also have the opportunity to join LC Venture and BeHive’s rich network of like-minded founders, venture capitalists and access to seed fund.

Apply TODAY! 

Follow the link here to find out more about the competition: https://www.hicool.com/index.php/account/bole?language=en&code=jc7s3

Invitation code: www.hicool.comjc7s3

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