Gaston Chee speaks to Malaysian students studying at Chinese universities on career development and the future of jobs

May 06, 2022. Beijing.

On the 29th of April, Gaston spoke to a group of exceptional Malaysian students studying at Chinese universities on career development and the future of jobs during the first-ever Virtual Career Fair (VCF) organised by the Malaysian Students Association in China (MSAC). The Malaysian Students Association in China (MSAC) is a representative body for all Malaysian students in China. Founded in 1999, it serves as a common platform aimed at building a strong and united community of sharing resources and promoting solidarity among all Malaysian students. In 2011, MSAC settled in Beijing at the suggestion of the Education Malaysia Beijing (EMB) and functions as the point of contact between the provincial Malaysian student associations across 3 municipalities, 11 provinces and 1 autonomous region in China. The promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative” in the past few years has caused the number of Malaysian students studying in China to increase yearly. Once these students graduate, however, they struggle to find opportunities in China, especially after the pandemic. The career fair was organised to highlight this in a bid to boost the Malaysian students’ career opportunities in China. The Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is an online platform for Malaysian students to learn about potential employers and career options. Through a series of events, participants will be well prepared for interviews and provided with employment information and opportunities. Companies are also able to identify and recruit outstanding Malaysian talents studying in China.

Virtual Career Fair 2022 (MSAC)

Virtual Career Fair 2022 (MSAC)

During the three days run of the virtual event, Gaston was joined by exceptional speakers who shared a series of topics ranging from employment development of fresh Malaysian graduates studying in China. Topics ranged from hiring and rules at companies to bullying in the workplace and the Malaysian labour law. Besides, developmental opportunities brought to Malaysia by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Industry 4.0 and the overall development of the future talents of Malaysians.  Gaston began by sharing his story as a co-founder of his own company while in college but also focused on the transition from student to a career professional and what preparation should these freshmen do before they start looking for their job. He also shared his experience with hiring and what qualities he and his company look for during hiring. He advised attendees about the qualities companies are looking for and about the shifts taking place in the hiring patterns.

"With proper mindset, leadership skills 
and remaining grateful, young graduates
can easily transition from college life
to the challenges of the workforce with
ease, and even succeed at it."

Gaston Chee

The speech was enthusiastically attended by the students and garnered many internets and questions from the audience. Attendees wanted to know how to spot opportunities in the local jobs market and the hiring trends of Chinese companies for international students. Gaston shared that there are still opportunities for international students, especially in the growing fields of innovation and tech and also advised them to include international businesses operating in China. Gaston also introduced the recently launched Global Talent Internship Programme which is run by LC Venture and invited attendees to join the excellent team at LC Venture to jump-start their careers.  “Be coachable, open-minded, and simple, while bringing something exceptional and interesting to the table” Gaston advised, “This will always get you ahead. ” Gaston told attendees as he concluded his speech.  We want to give our special thanks to the organizers at MSAC for the invitation. Especial thanks also goes to Abdul Aziz How Abdullah, Education Malaysia Beijing director at the Malaysian Embassy in China and TalentCorp for their support.  Are you interested in joining the team at LC Venture? Apply to the Global Talent Internship Programme and  jump start your career with at LC Venture.  Submit your application online at:   or send your email to: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————

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