Gaston Chee gave Welcome Remarks at BeGo Education Summit

Speaker: Gaston Chee
May 23, 2019 at HM’s Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing

First of all, let me say that it is a great pleasure to be part of this wonderful initiative by BeGo Education, and I would also like to thank the Ambassador for allowing us to host the event at Her Residence.

I have been involved with BeGo Education since its founding days and I have been closely following its development and growth in the Chinese market. They have an unmatched track record in enhancing and enriching the communities they serve. 

The educational and extra-curricular programmes they deliver are personal, holistic and innovative. The support they offer to the Chinese families and their children, not just in terms of topics relating to academic learning, but also the support they provide in assisting the Chinese families in navigating the increasingly complex and constantly evolving educational landscape in China and beyond is really, in my humble opinion, second to none.

Unlike their contemporaries, they insist on bespoke services, paying great attention to every child under their care. They know each by name, interests, and hobbies. They observe carefully how each child learns and interacts. They know what motivates them to learn and how to make the child think independently for themselves so that the child can survive and continue to grow wherever they go. 

Over the years, I have also had the opportunity to get to know some of the teachers and educational counsellor at BeGo Education personally. 

It is clear that if you are not cross-cultural enough and don’t have a real passion for unlocking human potential, it will probably be too challenging for you in the BeGo team. The team at BeGo Education stretch themselves to convey to parents what others cannot and they do so with a heart of serving and very often go to the extra miles in making sure all children under their care feel and are treated as special and unique.

For BeGo Education, the child is the primary focus and everything else is secondary. 

Yet, they are also fully aware that they cannot do this alone and that they need to work hand in hand with partners and associates in order to achieve wonders for the children under their care. They need to work with schools and educational institutions as well as working in partnership with the parents. 

Therefore allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you to representatives of the schools and educational institutions that are present together with us here today. I know some of you have travelled from afar, not just from Shunyi area, but also from the UK to be here with us. I applaud your efforts and I personally thank you for your contribution and participation not just for today’s event but also for sharing this journey together with BeGo Education.

And for the parents who are present with us today, I just want to say, we have heard you and today’s event was designed specifically for you. We hope the questions we aimed to address at today’s panel discussions are going to be helpful in giving you a broader perspective and a better understanding of the issues that are close to your heart. 

Last but not least, to the wonderful lady and CEO of BeGo Education, Ms Jennifer Leong, thank you for your leadership and passion in people and education. You are the true driving force and quiet strength behind the lives and families that have been transformed under your care and guidance.

It is my utmost wish that every one of you here, including the speakers, will have something valuable to take back home after today’s event.

Thank you.