BeGo Education successfully signs strategic cooperation agreement with Nord Anglia Bilingual School Fangshan and Jingdu Golf Club

Fangshan, Beijing, 29th Sept, 2020. On the 22nd of this month, BeGo Education signed tripartite strategic cooperation with Nord Anglia international Bilingual School (Fangshan, Beijing), and Beijing Yiheqiyang Technology Management Co. Ltd, the project management and services arm of Jingdu Real Estate., the company behind the Joy Longevity City development.

The signing ceremony took place at the Jingdu Golf Club reception house, located in the beautiful grounds of the Jingdu Joyful Longevity City Complex, a 600 acres development that encompasses an 81-hole international championship golf course with a driving range, a five-star hotel, a hospital, nursing home and health care and pension community built at ZhuoZhou, Hebei.  Representing Beijing Yiheqiyang Technology Management Co., was the Chairwoman Ms. Li Fang. Principal Adrian Macaulay represented  Nord Anglia School and Mr. Gaston Chee, the CEO of LC Venture signed the cooperation representing BeGo Education. The ceremony was also attended by invited guests and several families.

Spearheaded by BeGo Education and through friendly consultations, the parties reached on an agreement to establish strategic cooperative relations in accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit and complementary advantages and they pledged to unify and integrate resources and to develop joint programmes with excellent social and investment returns. Speaking to the delegates and invitees, Gaston Chee praised the parties’ efforts and admired their vision to conceive and curve out the tripartite agreement.

He stated that one of BeGo’s core ethos has been to ensure a holistic education, committed to the total development of its students. As they support their families with the education planning for their children, the company gives great emphasis to striking a balance between stellar academic performance and rich extra-curricular activities to ensure that students develop as well-rounded international talents.

Thus, emphasising on arts and sports, BeGo Education has been working with several professional providers to develop school-related programs to support families with their children’s development. He shared BeGo is also ready to work with schools to support in their extra-curricular programmes and that the company is currently finalising its preparations to launch sport-related activities on tennis and rugby similar to the strategic cooperation between Jingdu Golf Club and Nord Anglia School Fangshan. He said he sees these as testament to the continued integration of the learning process with external stakeholders and collaborations such as the tripartite agreement are opening up new frontiers of collaborations to schools, education and professional services suppliers and investors. 

Schools like Nord Anglia School Fangshan are especially known for their excellent extracurricular music and sports activities and Gaston laid emphasis on the potential of the tripartite cooperation to pave the way for more cooperation between the school’s golf plans with Jingdu Golf Club and the bigger Joyful Longevity City Community. He stated how such collaborations create experiences that enrich students’ learning and also highlights their portfolios, eventually strengthening their application to top universities abroad.

Speaking during the ceremony, Chairwoman Li Fang said the cooperation is a positive step in the right direction towards for the Joy Longevity City Community. She pointed out that choosing the right school is a very important decision for a family and she has high expectation on the cooperation with Nord Anglia School and BeGo Education, to ensure the community at Joyful Longevity City to have access to quality international education. She also added how the Golf Club and its excellent facilities and coaching staff are prepared to support the school’s golf program and extra-curricular activities.

The Principal of Nord Anglia School, Fangshan Mr. Adrian Macaulay introduced the School and the Nord Anglia Education Group’s global fleet of 68 schools across 29 countries. He said Nord Anglia School Fangshan is committed to promoting a model international bilingual education, offering a holistic and premium education for students to achieve their educational and life goals. He shared that the School in Fangshan is built on a modern and spacious campus, with purpose-built advanced learning facilities to create a unique academic, art and sport teaching environment for students.

The Nord Anglia Education Group of international and bilingual schools are known for their excellent extra-curricular activities that span sports, performance arts and the support of STEAM programs. Students at the Nord Anglia School Fangshan will have the opportunity to join the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Art Programme, that offers music, drama and dance classes in collaboration with The Juilliard School,  a leading art school based in New York with over 100 years of experience offering the best art education in performing arts. The School is also working with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the top sciences and technology university in the world to introduce an innovative way of learning the STEAM subjects which encourages creativity, experimentation, and teaches its students to apply their skills to real-world situations. Besides, through special activities and events in collaboration with organisations like UNICEF, the School engages its student body to raise their awareness on global issues, equipping them to make their voice heard on the world stage and to make a lasting, positive difference.

The school also offers a variety of sporting activities including football, boxing, tennis. Through the strategic collaboration with Jingdu Golf Club and Bego Education, the school also hopes to make use of its proximity to Jingdu to provide its students with professional golf classes in a top-class golf course for a fuller learning experience. Mr. Adrian concluded by saying that the Nord Anglia School in Fangshan is ready to provide quality international education resources for the owners and families at Joyful Longevity City.

After the signing the ceremony, the delegates and invitees addressed some question from attendees echoing how international bilingual schools are balancing East-West integration. In addressing the questions, Ms Li Hong, the director of admissions at Nord Anglia School Fangshan said that as a bilingual school they pay great attention to the cultivation of its students as a global citizen but also very proud and connected with their Chinese roots, successfully integrating the best of the East and the West. She also hopes that cooperation with Jingdu Joyful Longevity City will create more opportunities for joint traditional cultural activities such as “Chinese Tea Art Culture” in the future.

She also pointed out that the school gives great emphasis on extra-curricular activities of art and sports. In the context of the strategic cooperation, she said sport-related activities promote the development of the mind while developing physical capacity and character in children. Sport can be a great learning tool and empowering each child to take ownership of their progress creates a passion for lifelong learning. Ms. Li said she sees the joining of the Jingdu Golf Club and the School as a culmination of this.

The ceremony concluded with a lunch provided by the Joyful Longevity City and delegates and attendees had the opportunity to tour the Joyful Longevity City beautiful grounds and to see villa showrooms and to visit the golf course.

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