Academic Programme Director

Position: Academic Programme Director
Department: BeGo Education Executive Office
Vacancy: One
Location: Beijing

Job summary
The Academic Programme Director is a senior position responsible for overseeing the operation of the Academic Department. You will report to the CEO directly. The primary role of APD is to work with BeGo’s Service Team by designing and executing highly customised education plans and to manage the department, including setting work priorities, interviewing and interviewing suitable education coaches and academic mentors as part of BeGo’s service delivery where comprehensive academic support is provided to our students in order to attain their highest academic potential. The APD works closely with BeGo’s Service Teams to cultivate a student-centred, achievement-driven and customer-centric working culture. You will be regularly reviewing and improving existing systems and methods of the Department and also design new professional development schemes targeted at individual and collective improvement and up-skilling of your Department and team members. Successful candidates at this role should be very knowledgeable about children's education in general, and about their learning, both in Chinese and western education systems. You should be familiar with the admission processes of international schools in China and UK boarding schools and also UK universities. This shall also include the various processes and assessments conducted by these schools or universities. You should also be familiar with child psychology and their developmental growth.

A day in the life Program Director:
  • Oversee academic operations to uphold high educational quality and program integrity.
  • Supervise BeGo’s Service Team, tutors and teachers to ensure quality control and efficiency.
  • Work closely with directors to prevent issues and oversights in the design and implementation of staff teachers’ training and performance assessment.
  • Develop solutions and design processes to improve operations (class management, teacher management, student progress, etc.)
  • Provide expertise on education and support to improve overall service offerings.
  • Recruit and interview teachers.
  • Conduct training programs for new recruits.
  • Work closely with sales and service team to improve overall products and services based on market feedback and assist in marketing and sales events by providing teacher and content support.
  • Conduct Academic Assessment and Diagnosis services including BeGo’s in- house student assessment as well as third party providers such as Morrisby, Clifton Strengths and the company’s associate partner assessments for 4 to 16 years olds.
About you:
  • You hold a BSc degree in Education, Psychology or relevant field ideally from the top 30 universities in the UK, (preferably from Oxbridge).
  • You are a native English speaker or fluent in English. (Fluency in Chinese is not required but preferred).
  • You have experience in education and may be familiar with the industry, international education, particularly the UK education systems, UK boarding school and UK universities, including familiarity with the UCAS applications procedure.
  • You have successfully helped students apply and get accepted into Oxbridge/Ivy League universities.
  • You have at least 2+ years of experience in a management role and can lead a team.
  • You have experience as a teacher of ESL/Chinese students.
  • You can take ownership as a leader and as an educator.
  • You can understand and you are comfortable working with Chinese students, needs and culture.
  • You understand child psychology or development and can accurately identify the difficulties or problems that students face.
  • You have a love for children and young adults.
  • You can understand and you are comfortable working with Chinese students, needs and culture.
  • You like and have the ability to coach or mentor young people.
  • Ability to create bespoke/tailor-made individualised education plans for students and customised feedback/report on student progression.
  • You have excellent communication, observational and organisational skills.
  • You are friendly, empathetic and a good listener.
  • You are self-motivated with a passion for learning new skills and helping others fulfil their potential.
  • You're able to use initiative to problem solve and make informed decisions by gathering and interpreting the relevant information.
To thrive in your position, you’ll need to:  
  • Be student-centred and have their best interest in mind. You will do your best to support them to achieve their education goals.
  • Be able to work in a fast-paced environment and with the ability to think on your feet.
  • Have a learning and assertive attitude and be willing to share your experience, knowledge and ideas and take ownership.
  • Possess a strong sense of global perspective and international outlook.
  • Strive to do your best for yourself, the company and our clients.
  • Be able to face the tough and challenging moments
  • Be willing to join an ambitious, diverse and all-rounded and approachable team with a mix of ideas and talents who inspire each other to be better every day.
What we offer you…
Working very closely with the management team, you will have the opportunity to learn about the company very quickly. You will also play such an important role and gain so much experience as you help in running the day to day activity of your Department and the Company. Specifically, you will receive:  
  • Competitive salary and bonuses
  • Medical and health insurance cover
  • Support with accommodation and/or travel expenses (foreigners only)
  • Upskilling and accreditation opportunities from leading organisations
  • Fast-track to mid-level and senior management positions
Who we are
BeGo is the education brand of LC Venture, a UK registered Consultancy and Business Advisory firm with subsidiaries in Mainland China and Hong Kong. LC Venture provides comprehensive business solution services to its clients and specializes in market entry, intelligence and the financial and professional services industries in the China-UK market.   BeGo Education provides a bespoke and professional educational advice and consultancy support to its clients with their children’s’ educational goals by helping them identify the best-fit international school, UK boarding school or universities and supporting them with preparation and application. The company also provides these   How to apply To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to our Office address at:
  • BeGo Education Room 603A 26, Chaowai MEN Office Center Chaoyangmenwai Street, ChaoYang District, Beijing 100020
Or, you can email them to Mandy Zhang at: