Parental Involvement (PI) and success in International Education

Parent and Child on the way to school

The Importance of Parental Involvement (PI)

Numerous studies have established that Parental Involvement (PI) is a key determinant of a child’s academic success, with children of active parents having almost twice as many chances of outperforming their peers. But the full potential of parents often remains untapped. This is especially the experience of many Chinese parents whose children are studying at international schools.


These parents complain that they are prevented from their children’s learning process and point to language and culture barriers, unfamiliarity with the school curriculum or time constraints as some reasons. Although Parental Involvement (PI) is championed by most studies as “positive”, such language usually does not display that the school-parent relationship is also inherently unequal. This overlooked fact has left parents unable to cope with the demands of their children’s schools.


BeGo Education, LC Venture’s wholly-owned education brand, is on a mission to change that for its families. Through its Private Family Education Office (PFEO) services, it has been trying to rectify this inherent inequality, providing personalised one-to-one support to its families. Many of these parents express that this support has been crucial for them.

Private Family Education Office (PFEP)
BeGo Education's Private Family Education Office (PFEO)

The Private Family Education Office (PFEO) is a unique service offering parents comprehensive support with their child’s academic growth. Drawing inspiration from the Family Office concept, this bespoke and thorough academic consultancy has been assisting numerous parents in managing their family legacy in terms of their children’s education. These services encompass delivering high-profile one-to-one training sessions with PFEO parents, focusing on curriculum, co-curricular activities, learning approaches, assessments,  school structure as well as assistance in school communication tailored to each child’s school and year group.


Private Family Education Office (PFEO) service is also designed to support families through academic mentoring, coaching, school and university application and overall assistance for their child’s education. Delivered by our highly qualified, bilingual, and multicultural team of educational consultants, these activities are an integral component of the its services.


Commenting on the support from BeGo Education, one PFEO parent, whose son is studying at one of the prestigious schools in Beijing, mentioned that because of the support from BeGo Education, she has been able to follow her son’s education. She said she was so encouraged by the support that she took up English lessons to improve her English and is now an active member of the PTA (Parents Teacher Association). “Without BeGo Education’s training support, my involvement with my son’s school would have been limited to attending term meetings, which has never been much use to me in the past.”

A PFEO parent sits for a one-to-one training on their child's school at BeGo Education Head Office in Beijing
A PFEO parent sits for a one-to-one training for her child's school at BeGo Education Head Office in Beijing

These trainings focus on:

  • Elevating Parental Roles

A primary goal of the parent training is to inspire parents to be actively involved based on Parental Involvement (PI). The emphasis is on redefining parental roles beyond the conventional drop-off routine and helping them recognise their role in their child’s educational success. Parents are encouraged to follow up on their child’s learning, including how to oversee their homework and other school-based activities.

  • Bridging Language Divides

Essential for effective Parental involvement (PI) is empowering parents to overcome language barriers or confidence gaps that often stem from communication challenges. The PFEO team always remain at the complete disposal of parents always, decoding school messages to enhance understanding of the learning process.

  • Navigating Communication Challenges

Most parents report facing hurdles due to a perceived lack of academic competence, especially in curriculums most are not familiar with. Through the Private Family Education Office (PFEO) service, BeGo Education is helping PFEO parents, boosting their understanding of the curriculum and provide targeted support to students through skill-based coaching and mentoring for children and parents alike.

  • Empowering Educators

Some parents may feel that educators and teachers at their school are not effectively communicating with them. This can result in diminished motivation for Parental Involvement (PI). BeGo Education’s PFEO Team intervenes in these situations, providing support through school visits and attending PTA meetings to nurture a supportive learning partnership between educators and parents. The PFEO Team plays a facilitative role in the parent-school relationship, fostering collaboration from the back benches.

  • Meeting the challenges of modern parenting

Most parents grapple with distractions from daily parental responsibilities, inflexible work hours and the perpetual time crunch. These challenges hinder consistent participation in school activities, creating a gap in the parent-school relationship. The Private Family Education Office (PFEO) services act as a supportive ally, alleviating the pressures of modern parenting via supporting with communication, homework reminders, and other forms of support.

A PFEO parent sits for a one-to-one training for her child's school at BeGo Education Head Office in Beijing
The PFEO Team's in-depth understanding of parent's concerns is key to delivering tailor-made services that are highly appreciated by the PFEO parents

Shaping the Future Hand in Hand


According to an OECD study, students only spend about 25% of their time in class. By fostering collaboration and understanding, BeGo Education is poised to collaborate with schools and support parents, ensuring a hands-on and updated approach through our innovative Private Family Education Office (PFEO) services.


To find out more about the Private Family Education Office (PFEO) service and book your consultation session, send your email to