Taking on Malaysia’s Dessert Scene: LC Venture doubles down into the F&B Sector

On the 20th of September, Dessert Lab Sdn Bhd made its grand entrance, ushering in a wave of delight for dessert enthusiasts throughout Malaysia and beyond.

Dessert Lab
Dessert Lab aims to be the face of Malaysian desserts

Dessert Lab represents LC Venture’s second foray into the vibrant world of Malaysia’s Food & Beverage sector. Previously, LC Venture had played a pivotal role in the transformation of Jim’s Recipe, a Malaysian bakery chain boasting over 400 outlets across Malaysia, China, and other locations. Now, LC Venture has set its sights on Malaysian delectable desserts.

Dessert Lab Opening
The shop opening spectacle

Global Opportunities Await

The Confectionery & Snacks market, with global revenues totaling US$1.66 trillion in 2023, presents a vast opportunity. This growth is driven by market consolidations and franchising models, ensuring extensive market reach, particularly within the realm of frozen desserts. Malaysia’s market share amounts to US$9.90 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 8.24% (CAGR 2023-2028).

Malaysian desserts, with their mixture of flavors, hold immense global potential but are yet to fully break into the international stage. LC Venture is on a mission to change this by introducing ground-breaking techniques to traditional dessert-making processes and utilising advanced technology and infrastructure to streamline operations.

Malaysia's rich tradition of desserts is not lost on the elderly
Malaysia’s rich tradition of desserts is not lost on the elderly

In addition to reviving traditional flavors, Dessert Lab is also pioneering a contemporary twist with its signature finely shaved ice base.

Our current menu is a treasure trove of carefully crafted delicacies that pay homage to Malaysia’s culinary heritage. From velvety, aromatic bowls of Bubur Cha Cha, featuring colourful yam and sweet potato cubes bathed in coconut milk, to delicate homemade Douhua (tofu pudding) and Pandan-infused red bean soup, each dish is a tribute to Malaysia’s rich culinary traditions. Our creations, like black sesame, bubur cha cha, and Milo ice, are crafted from freshly brewed matcha, Oolong Tea, and a selection of traditional flavors are made using healthy and fresh local ingredients with traditional methods.

Menu items available
The menu has grown in popularity with many locals

Early Triumphs

Dessert Lab is rapidly gaining recognition among food enthusiasts, with devoted patrons and online reviewers hailing it as the much-anticipated breakthrough for Malaysia’s dessert market holding the promise of becoming the next big sensation in the culinary landscape.

LC Venture plans to seize this opportunity by developing a nuanced Franchise Model. This model will establish scalable standards that utilises technology for streamlined production while preserving the ageless art of making Malaysian desserts. A strategically placed network of central kitchens will also streamline logistics and distribution.

Locals enjoy a selection of desserts
Happy customers share their support

These operational standards will be consistently replicated across our expanding network of shops, which are at various stages of opening. The commitment to uniformity will ensures sustained growth and safeguards against cultural appropriation or operational lapses, some of the challenges faced in the bubble tea industry.

Dessert Lab is also developing its very own Kitchen Academy to equip future franchisees and licensees with the skills and knowledge needed to create exceptional desserts and master our operations. This forward-thinking approach aims to cultivate a sustainable ecosystem of strategically located stores across Malaysia and globally which operate a standard, scalable and streamlined operations.

LC Venture aims to create a Franchise Model as part of its expansion plans
LC Venture aims to create a Franchise Model as part of its expansion plans

A distinguishing feature of Dessert Lab is the ambition to integrate cutting-edge technology into the ordering, payment, and delivery systems. From seamless ordering to online payments, efficiency is at the core of our operations. In what may be a pioneering move for relatively low-cost investments such as dessert shops, Dessert Lab has incorporated the contactless payment technology, Touch n’ Go, enabling customers to order conveniently via their phones. Moreover, Dessert Lab is a registered touch point for Touch n’ Go (TNG) eWallet users, allowing them to order and pay online and accumulate points with each purchase.

Customers can order and pay online with contactless payment from their phones
Customers can order and pay online with contactless payment from their phones

All this ensures a seamless management of orders and deliveries, complemented by contactless payment options for an enhanced customer experience. The system will also serve future business owners as an excellent tool for financial tracking and reporting.

Dessert Lab’s journey towards expanding this dessert revolution is in full swing. LC Venture’s VC team are regularly receiving expressions of interest from prospective investors and passionate entrepreneurs eager to embark on this sweet adventure through licensing or other forms of investment.

Embark on your own culinary adventure

Whether you’re an investor seeking opportunities or an F&B entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, there’s a place for you in this exciting transformation.

To learn more about Dessert Lab and explore investment opportunities, please contact us at info@lcventure.com or reach us at +86 (0) 10 6552 7018.