Education through Art: BeGo Education to sponsor an art mini-master class and a private tour of Charlie Sheard’s works at CHAO Hotel, Beijing

Charlie Sheard

painter Charlie K. Sheard to Beijing.Charlie Sheard's works at CHAO Art Center The three months long affair will feature a private tour of Charlie’s extensive and select works and a host of activities including an art mini-masterclass that will be jointly offered by BeGo educators and a renowned artists form the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Charlie K. Sheard, has had a several decade career that spans from his studio in Cambridge, UK and to Sydney, Australia where he is currently based and runs his art school since 1995. His work is focused on institutional exhibitions and the pursuit of academic rigor, both in terms of self-development and the dissemination of knowledge.

Sheard has a long and deep attachment to China where he has been exhibiting since 2012. Complementing his regular lectures at the University of NSW and The Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Sheard is now a Distinguished Mentor in an Oil Painting Department studio (the 5th studio, focusing on material and abstraction) at The Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in Beijing. Most recently, he has been invited to teach painting at Peking University.

More recent exhibitions include a large two-man show “Hu Qinwu and Charlie Sheard“ at Boding Gallery, Beijing in 2018, and the survey “Absolute Abstraction“ at Manly Art Gallery and Museum in 2019.  Sheard’s technical prowess and academic application has been celebrated in bilingual English- Chinese catalogue raisonné on the artist produced by Peking Art Associates in 2021 who represent the artist in China.

The Peking Art Associates is a a leading boutique and high-end cross-cultural art consultancy based in Beijing. The art advisory firm has a broad mainland China and international experience in large-scale education, museum, corporate and hospitality projects. PAA is also supported by prestigious higher education institutions in the UK to develop links between British and Chinese cultural education  in recent years. PAA works with The Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, The University of Oxford (St Hilda’s College) and several private equity funds investing in education in China, including Hong Kong to bring accredited courses and teacher training to China, through reciprocal exhibitions, master classes and lecture series.

CHAO Art Center is also housed at the elegant CHAO Hotel in Beijing and provides an art and performance gallery combining elements of retail and lifestyle designed to spark curiosity. Curated to offer unique art and cultural experiences, art retail programs are accompanied by events that feature master’s workshop by designers; art exhibition that feature an artist residency program where the artists recreate their work studio and the audience can observe the creation process.

The upcoming event will be open to members-only but interested families will get the chance to join the art min-masterclass with BeGo Education and CAFA artists on 15th of October. If you wish to attend the art mini-masterclass RSVP today.

To book a ticket for the mini-masterclass, contact:
Melinda Yang, Marketing Manager


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Gaston Chee appointed as the founding committee member of the Regional Economic and Trade Partnership (RET)

Gaston Chee was appointed as a founding member of the recently formed Regional Economic and Trade Partnership (RET) Working Committee. The Committee will be operating in support of the China Association of International Trade (CAIT), an authoritative academic organization for foreign economic and trade research and exchanges composed of people from all walks of life such as the government, academia and enterprise9 under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

The Committee will focus on promoting economic, trade and industrial cooperation and exchanges between China and RCEP members. It will also explore efficient and effective ways to assist Chinese enterprises to find overseas markets, with the same motive to serve overseas enterprises to find Chinese partners, and expand multi-faceted and multi-channel cooperation and development of regional economy and trade.

Guided by CAIT ideals, RET is expected to establish platforms to serve RCEP member organizations to achieve sustainable cross-border trade activities, create a workable quality supply chain system and synchronize regional new products. RET Committee with also organize targeted small and medium size conferences and forums, extended exhibitions with ground wholesale and retail operators and other activities for RCEP member countries that include investment, cultural exchange and tourism of various countries.

According to the RET Commission’s working publication, the committee is planned to hold an international trade forum every year and hold 2 city road shows every year. Besides, the commission has set an ambitious plan to introduce new merchandise and products from member states.

RET founding Committee membership will include countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam and other relevant national/regional institutions.

Founded in July 1981 in Beijing, the China Association of International Trade (CAIT) is an authoritative academic organization for foreign economic and trade research and exchanges composed of people from all walks of life such as the government, academia and enterprise9 under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.