British Education
  • British Education

    To Your Door Step

    The UK is home to the English language as well as some of the top universities in world, such as Cambridge and Oxford. So why don't take your chance to learn English? No matter which programme you choose or your level, we will find the right fit for you.

  • British Lifestyle
  • British Lifestyle

    Have you ever wanted to have a tailor-made suit or a night dress from one of the best designers in the world? You wish to work in the UK? You wish to emigrate to the UK? We are your first stop for any enquiries about the UK.

  • Exclusive Membership
  • Exclusive Membership

    Reinventing YOU

    The British culture has a lot of secrets which it won't reveal, unless you know the right people in the right place. We are the right people in the right place. Our highly-rated membership gives you access to the behind the scenes events, to some prestigious tutors in the UK, to individual coaching while in the UK. All of that to make you the new YOU.

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  • Anonymous Testimonial 1

    Thank you very much LC Venture. Without you, I would have made a wrong investment. With your guidance, I will able to invest in the right education and I can see now that I’m much better than my friends who went with the other service. Thank
    you again.

  • Anonymous Testimonial 2

    I was looking to learn English with English professor but no one could guarantee me that my teacher would be English. Until I met LC Venture. From the beginning, their educational advisors have been able to help me with not only providing me an English teacher, but also planning my.

  • Anonymous Testimonial 3

    We have just got back from a 2 week trip to the UK and LC Venture has been with us from the beginning. No guessing with them. Very professional staff giving you many options and possibilities. I would recommend them to my friends and I would definitely use them again.

  • Thank you

    Lingyi Wang

    Firstly, I would like to say thank you to LC Venture, because they gave me a lot of help and support in lots of areas. In the past, I was lost in my life line, because.

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At LC Venture, we believe in our members’ potential to achieve wonders. From studying in a leading British boarding school to investing in companies, we are here to help you all the way to live your dream.

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