BeGo Education and Gaston Chee feature on a special issue of China Daily on the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the PRC

Oct.09, 2021, Beijing, China. BeGo Education and Gaston Chee has once again featured among the select expat investors and entrepreneurs who are scoring big in China. China Daily, a newspaper with the widest print circulation in China, had previously featured BeGo Education and highlighted its efforts in preparing local students for study abroad. The current special feature was on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the PRC which focused on expat businesses in China. 

Gaston Chee, the CEO and co-founder of LC Venture and BeGo Education featured among other expats who are recognised for their business exploits and also contributions to China’s economic boom in the last decades. An e-commerce platform with hundreds of millions of yuan worth of sales, an exceptional list of students-turned-entrepreneurs and founders made the unique list of achievers enabled by the immense opportunities the country offers expats from all corners of the world. 

Speaking to the Newspaper, Gaston said that his business ventures have single-handedly benefited from the unique combination of vast business opportunities, growing middle class and well-developed investment and business infrastructure in China. 

To the astute and to those who are willing to focus on their craft and appreciate and respect the national plans, it is an exciting time to be an investor in China. We are living in and witnessing an ongoing China miracle, and we cannot afford to miss out. He said. 

Read the full article here. 

LC Venture is a leading consultancy and advisory holding company registered in the UK. The company provides quality advice on strategy and business solutions to Chinese and international clients which are mainly SMEs, multinational companies, and governments. The Company is also the investor in BeGo Education, a wholly-owned investment portfolio of LC Venture. BeGo Education operates a bespoke international education consultancy to supports Chinese families find a suitable international education pathway for their children in international schools in China or abroad in the UK and other destinations.
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