One Place, Infinite Possibilities

That is our motto. This is who we are and this is what we stand for.

LC Venture was founded by the same people behind BeGo and Graduation & Beyond. Their most recent company BeGo, established in 2011, ran successfully for 5 years, the founders raising £8M in funding from Midven, one of UKs largest Venture Capital (part of their EALP programme). Having acquired expertise in the field as well as building their network in the UK and in China, they have identified many different opportunities and have been working towards putting them under one roof to create THE game changer in the world of services : LC Venture.

LC Venture is the most advanced and elite company they have built yet and it will carry their vision beyond the international borders. We will provide solution of the highest level in the many different areas we have gained access to and in which we will keep exploring and developing new opportunities this includes politics, education, culture, fashion, properties, investment, immigration

Our vision is simple yet powerful: to attend to any queries our people have, both British and Chinese, and to be the number one contact for any international Chinese going to the UK or vice-versa.

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