Gaston Chee admitted to full membership of CPA Australia for Mainland China 

Gaston Chee has achieved the coveted title of a full member of CPA Australia for mainland China, a prestigious recognition that demonstrates his exceptional expertise in the finance industry.


CPA Australia is one of the largest accounting organisations globally, boasting over 168,000 members across 100 countries and regions, and Gaston’s latest appointment acknowledges his outstanding contributions in sourcing and securing funds and investments for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and franchises.


Gaston Chee is the managing partner at LC Venture, the UK-based advisory and investment firm, where he has been actively involved in the finance and investment industry for years, leading to the successful increase of the company’s investment portfolio including a lithium battery manufacturing firm in Zhuhai, an auto parts manufacturing company in Ningbo, and YOLO Studio, the premium hairdressing and grooming studios chain across Beijing. LC Venture also fully acquired the boutique private family education Office firm, BeGo Education in 2015.

Gaston Chee, CPA
Gaston Chee, CPA

The most recent addition to LC Venture’s expanding investment portfolio is the Malaysia-based bakery chain, Jim’s Recipe, which has over 400 outlets across China alone. Collaborating with Deloitte China, LC Venture played a crucial role in facilitating the acquisition of this prominent bakery chain, by pooling in major investors and joining in the investments in the just under RMB 500 million (USD 70 million) buyout of Jim’s Recipe. This strategic move further strengthens LC Venture’s presence in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, building upon its extensive experience and expertise in this sector.


Under Gaston’s leadership and guidance, LC Venture has been commissioned to work on several major projects in China involving the Chinese government and its various departments, private investment banks and leading investment firms. Besides, Gaston has also been a key player in delivering several mega projects in Malaysia, including a USD 10bn port development and construction project where the UK Chancellor of Her Majesty’s Treasury and the insurance, reinsurance and risk consultant arm of the Hong Kong-based conglomerate, Jardines. Gaston has also participated in several high-profile investment deals across China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea involving China International Capital Corporation (CICC), China Everbright Limited, and other activities under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) framework. 


Through his expertise in investment and finance work, Gaston has continued to establish himself as a prominent figure in the Sino-UK business space and China’s wider business interests with Southeast-Asian economies, earning him a place in many reputable memberships. Some of these memberships include board membership with the British Chamber of Commerce in China and recently his recent appointment as the Communications Director of MAYCHAM China. Gaston had also been very active with the Department of International Trade (DIT), the UK’s trade and foreign investment department where he was pivotal in securing one of the first MOUs signed between the UK government and the BRI in 2018. 


Gaston is also a fellow at various research firms and thinks tanks, including the Center for China and Globalization (CGG) and it’s Global Young Leaders Dialogue(GYLD) initiative. He has worked with several firms from across South-East Asia including The Asian Banker (TAB), a banking and finance research and intelligence powerhouse focused on the Asia Pacific region. Besides, Gaston has been active with the Silk Road Cities Alliance and Silk Road City Institute, two of the earliest initiatives under the BRI Initiative. 


Gaston was also appointed in 2022 as the founding member of the Regional Economic and Trade Partnership (RET Committee) Working Committee in support of the China Association of International Trade (CAIT) in China to support cross-border trading and logistics across RCEP member states.


Gaston’s induction into the esteemed CPA membership is a timely and well-deserved recognition of his extensive experience in the finance and investment industry. Through years of dedicated work, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership in guiding LC Venture to stand out as a successful firm in cross-border financial investment and financial services. It also serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication and his continuous pursuit of excellence in the finance and investment industry, a proud moment for him as well as for LC Venture, and further reinforces their reputation as a trusted and accomplished firm.


Besides, as a member of CPA Australia for mainland China, Gaston will gain access to an even broader network of high-profile investors and associates in Australia and Southeast Asia through the CPA network. This will enable him to connect with more than 400 Recognized Employer Partners of CPA, including Fortune 500 companies worldwide. This network provides a platform for Gaston to further expand his business network, seek more investment opportunities, and stay updated with the latest industry trends.


Gaston Chee would like to express his heartfelt gratitude to the selection committee of CPA Australia for bestowing upon him the prestigious title of the full member for mainland China and how proud he is to join fellow CPA members. He also acknowledged the unwavering support of the LC Venture staff and commended their dedication, hard work and contribution to the success and development of LC Venture.